Already in my early childhood I could not be kept away from my BMX and everything that had to do with it.

Early in 2004 the idea came to start my own Pro BMX shop because there was no one in our immediate area that could provide real quality bikes & parts.
Supported by my parents and the the local bikers "Edge on Wheels" was created.
28 February 2004 was the day our shop first opened its doors.

After more than 10 years the shop has become a known place for many young people, and our range of products has increased, Skateboards, Longboards, Penny Boards, Mini Rocker BMX, and especially scooters are playing a major role in the current generation of young people
resulting that action sports have become more popular than ever.
Every day there are new riders in what we can only encourage!

After a decade it was time to freshen up the old shop but there decided to follow a different path.
A brand new shop in a new location, just a few min. drive from the old location.
A pure action sports store was put on legs, this time with private parking and integrated workplace,
together with a new online shop for the best possible service to our customers!

Hope to see you soon! ... Tim & Laura